Brief background

In 1798 the Valentí family started its first silversmith workshop in Barcelona. Because the family needed to show the new creations of the company, they travelled often to London searching for furniture to expose them properly.

That is where the idea to diversify the production and starting to create furniture for the company began, in a moment in which Barcelona was experiencing its modernist burst.

In 1925 Fernando Valentí Clúa, founder of the current Valentí, was born. Since then, they have created a company with a solid handcraft foundation, but with an entrepreneurial vision of the future.

They knew they had to focus on design, and the reason for this, among other, was that they won the Design Prize for the Pizarro table, awarded by the Official Association of Decorators and Designers of Interior Architecture of the Comunidad de Madrid.

After that, in 2001, they invested on the development of the company productivity, obtaining the AENOR Certificate, which recognizes the continuous improvement on design, quality and effort on productivity.

For 50 years the company has been exporting its products to virtually the whole world, and currently, those can be found in different places such us Tokyo, New York, London, Paris or Rome.

The challenges of the future are lived day to day, in a company which does not forget its roots and knows how to adapt to the present.